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winter camp1- Northern Conferences
from Thursday 24 January till Sunday 27 January
At Bethel in Qaluib
2- Southern Conferences
from Thursday 24 January till Sunday 27 January
At Dronka in Assuit.
For deltails:
Contact: Dr Mona Fikry Amin 01274212389  


(1) KIDS: from Sun 27 till Tues 29 Jan 2019 at Villa el Batal, Obour. 
Contact: Mariam Mamdouh,
mobile: 01223032913
(2) LEADERS: from Wed 30 Jan to Sat 2 Feb 2019  at Bethel in Qaluib.
Contact: Gina Mohey
Tel: 0222721028


Sham El Nessim is a Spring Festival, inherited from Ancient Egypt, always occuring on the Monday following Eastern Easter. It is uniquely Egyptian, quite unknown in any other country. In Ancient Egypt, the feast was a kind of tribute to the Nile god, and was always celebrated out-of-doors in the early morning, usually in fields by the Nile, to hail the coming of Spring, with a breakfast consisting of coloured eggs, salted fish, and lettuce. When Christianity entered Egypt under St Mark, the tradition was kept, but instead of the Nile deity, the risen Christ was honoured, with Easter Monday becoming Sham el Nessim. Today, all Egyptians (regardless of religious affiliation) flock to the public gardens (or use private gardens) to celebrate Sham el Nessim-- a festival officially recognized by the State. The Arabic name "Sham el Nessim" means inhaling the soft breeze.

abraham isaac
What do we tell ourselves every morning as we start our day? We can perhaps emulate some  of the spiritual giants pictured in the Bible:

🙏 Moses  would say, "LORD, if You don't go with us or before us, we are not going anywhere."

🙏 Abraham  would say, "The LORD will provide."

🙏 Jacob  would say, "I won't let go of YOU unless YOU bless me."

audio visual

The Lord has been most gracious to us in blessing the center's media production which continues to target various sectors of the community and multiple age groups (like children, youth, women, men, couples, atheists, nominal Christians, young believers, and more.)

floureOn his return from the Vietnam war, a captain recounted to his friends the following incident.  He said:

I saw one of our men enveloped in fire. Something had been thrown at him which caused his clothes to catch fire, and he would have burnt to death. In our effort to rescue him, we  covered him with all the flour we had.  Not only was the fire immediately put out, but he never even got a blister!  That's why in our fridge at home, there is always some flour.  If any of the family accidentally puts a finger in boiling water, we immediately immerse that finger in flower for about ten minutes. Not only will the pain vanish, but there won't be any sign of the burn-- not even a blister!  Try it.


When the flu epidemic was killing many people in a distant  village some time ago, a doctor came upon one farmer, and to his surprise, each member of his household was quite healthy.


Recent research has proved the following:

*  A bannana a day is four times as powerful as the "apple a day which keeps the doctor away"! Read on 

prayer groupBethel-Emmanuel celebrated World Day of Prayer on Friday 28 February at 9.30 a.m., one week ahead of the other WDP celebrations of 7 March 2014, all blessed by Pope Tawadros and the members of Egypt Council of Churches (see their facebook). The Bethel-Emmanuel celebration was followed by breakfast for all.

adventOn Friday 29 November,  Bethel-Emmanuel celebrated the beginning of Advent with songs of praise, prayers,  a moving meditation on the peace granted by Christ,  and ending with a festive "fasting" breakfast.

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